Modern Office Design Concept by Studio O+A

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Modern interior design for office space? – It can be dynamic, it can be fun, it can be modern, don’t doubt it. This project by Studio O+A proves it with its contemporary design; it’s urban and slightly bar-like emanation and with the playfulness of design arrangement. Bold colors, robust materials, and intriguing shapes adorn the rich variety of working premises. Created in close collaboration with the client the office design offers a fun scene that mashes together sci-fi and antiquity.

Studio O+A: No projects are more inspiring than those created in collaboration with clients who love the design. As one of our confidential clients expands to new locations and new floors of its present location, each project becomes a blank canvas on which to explore a fresh theme. That theme for the 5th floor of this client’s San Francisco headquarters was Paris Meets Bladerunner—a high-concept tagline that became, in execution, a meditation on the layered transience of design.  Starting with the city that many would judge the highest achievement of urban culture, we imagined Paris over a span of centuries (not excluding those to come) and created an office that mashes together sci-fi and antiquity. This 5th floor “Paris,” much like its counterpart in France, is an assembly of distinct neighborhoods, laid out as if for a culture of flaneurs, but overlaid with modern energy and drive.

An industrial hint of exposed ceilings and pipes, polished concrete floors and modernistic furniture with intriguing shapes is softened by natural materials like wood and stone, glass and metal and additionally enriched by soft textures and high characteristic colors. The darkness is supplemented by shining surfaces and installations and wonderful contemporary illuminating pieces and lamps – all with unique design and memorable presence.

The whimsical sense of humor of the designers is visible in some of the unique features of the office layout: bean bag chairs upholstered in carpet; “hard-candy” seating pods (hard on the outside, soft in the center), a floating staircase, a hero wall that illuminates each hero walking past; a colonnade of mirrors that appears to bend light – all creating fun, dynamic atmosphere that can make you feel that the work is also a pleasure and entertainment.   Photography by Jasper Sanidad

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Modern Office Design Concept by Studio O+A